Friday, May 22, 2015

Celebrating Fat Girl Walking by Brittany Gibbons! Excerpt, Review AND Giveaway!!

Fat Girl Walking
By Brittany Gibbons
ISBN: 9780062343031
Publisher: Dey Street Books
Publication Date: May 19, 2015

What is This Book About?

Told through a series of larger-than-life snapshots, a hilarious memoir in essays about love, sex, marriage, motherhood, bikinis, and loving your body, no matter what size you are from the acclaimed blogger and body image advocate.

Brittany Gibbons has been a plus size her whole life. But instead of hiding herself in the shadows of thinner women, Brittany became a wildly popular blogger and national spokesmodel--known for stripping on stage at TedX and standing in Times Square in a bikini on national television, and making skinny people everywhere uncomfortable.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Booking Through Summer Reading Challenge

Booking Through Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading is the BEST!

As I gear up for summer reading at the library, I am also gearing up at home for my own personal sanity sake. Nothing re-energerizes me than coming home to spend time with my family and curling up with a great book, a cup of tea (or if the day warrants, a glass of wine). A fellow CarmCat--Kim (check out her Website & Twitter) and her friend Betsy (Website & Twitter) came up with Booking Through Summer Reading Challenge inspired by the childhood classic Book It program. Whether you loved it or hated it, you should think about signing up and spending time reading this summer! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Review: Cape Cod Kisses by Bella Andre and Melissa Foster with GIVEAWAY!

Cape Cod Kisses
by Bella Andre and Melissa Foster
Series: Love on Rockwell Island Book #1
ISBN: 9780986135835
Publisher: Bayside Books
Reviewed from: an eARC--thank you Tasty Tours and Ms. Andre and Ms. Foster!

About Cape Cod Kisses:

When Quinn Rockwell left Rockwell Island a decade ago to build a shipping empire, he never thought he’d return to live on Cape Cod Bay—that is, until his
grandfather summons Quinn and his four siblings to take over the prestigious Rockwell Resort. Quinn is already working fifteen-hour days, and the last thing he has time for is his grandfather’s demands. But on his first night back, when Quinn finds a gorgeous and carefree woman skinny-dipping in his favorite cove, he’s tempted to ignore his work for a while…and focus on her instead.

As a free spirit who follows her heart and her dreams, Shelley Walters is not the kind of girl to wait around for Mr. Right, so she heads to Rockwell Island for the honeymoon of her dreams—a solo honeymoon. Ready for a week of sun and fun, she never expected to meet a man like Quinn Rockwell.

Wealthy and intensely driven, Quinn is everything Shelley swore she didn’t want. Refreshingly spontaneous and a true romantic, Shelley is everything Quinn never knew he needed. Drawn together despite their differences, during a week of sizzling-hot passion and deep conversations, they fall head over heels for each other. But when their perfect week on the island is over, will their love survive in the real world?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Home Sweet Home by Candis Terry PLUS Giveaway!

Home Sweet Home
By Candis Terry
ISBN: 9780062420893
Publication Date: May 19, 2015
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Reviewed From: eARC provided by publisher--thank you Avon!

About the Book:

Before Candis Terry’s wild Wilder brothers met their matches, a soldier gets a homecoming in Sweet, Texas.


Army Ranger, Lieutenant Aiden Marshall, fought in some of the most hellish

corners on earth and survived. Those closest to him, did not. When he returns home to Sweet, Texas, he believes he’s broken and has lost everything-including his soul. The only fair thing he can do is tell the woman who’s patiently waited for him to come home-to move on with her life-without him.


Sassy waitress Paige Walker has no intention of walking away from the man of her dreams. He gave his all for his country and served with honor. Now it’s time to pull him from the darkness and give him hope. With a heap of love, the help of the entire town, and a tail-wagging companion, Paige makes sure her hero knows there’s no place like home sweet home.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Guest Post: Top Ten Reasons Why YOU Should Read Under the Spotlight by Angie Stanton

About Under the Spotlight:

After an embarrassing stint on a reality-TV music competition years ago, Riley
vowed never to sing again. Now she's behind the scenes, working at the prestigious Sound Sync recording studio, and life is looking up. But then Garrett Jamieson, the oldest brother in the famous Jamieson brothers band, crashes into her world.

Garrett has hit rock bottom, and he is desperate to reinvent himself. After calling in a few favors, he ends up working at Sound Sync to learn the ropes of record producing from the industry's best. And he can't believe his luck when he discovers that Riley has been keeping a secret—she is an amazing singer. By producing her album, he's sure to top the record charts again. But Garrett is forced to use every trick in his arsenal to persuade the sassy girl to record.

Riley refuses to sing—or even entertain the thought of it—and sparks fly as Garrett finally meets his match. But in the heat of the moment, one stolen kiss changes everything. Will Riley be the first person to finally rein Garrett in, or will Garrett succeed in getting Riley back under the spotlight?