Sunday, April 4, 2021

Mini Reviews: Lakewood by Megan Giddings and Beyond the Point by Claire Gibson

By Megan Giddings
My Rating: 4 Stars

Overall this was a pleasant surprise for a debut thriller I found on the NPR best books for book group's list. I am happy I selected for my IRL book group to read this month. I liked the engaging writing style--she has a way of giving details without being bogged down in it so much that I get bored or frustrated. Given this is a thriller I wanted some things to be left up to my imagination. I liked Lena, our main character as I could relate to her needing to do what was best for her family, though I cringed when she gave up so much control over the company (deliberately being vague so I do not spoil it for you). There were a few moments when I felt there things that could have been cleaned up or threads left undone, but I do not know if that was deliberate on the author's part or unforeseen plot holes. Overall this is a relatively quick read, so I recommend it if you are looking for a psychological thriller with body/medical thriller components as well.

Beyond the Point
By Claire Gibson
My Rating: 4 Stars

This is first and foremost about female friendship--which if you are looking for, this is a great title to pick up. Dani, Hannah, and Avery all meet at West Point, as members of the college basketball team and freshman trying to navigate a male-dominated world. They are also there when September 11, 2001, happens--the day that alters the pathway of the United States forever. This book rotates between each girl's point-of-view, of their time at West Point as well as after they graduate to their careers. Each takes a different pathway but when a tragedy strikes, their friendship holds strong and it brings them back together. 

At points this book dipped into a slower pace for me, wanting me to put it down, but ultimately I wanted to know what happens with each character's turning point. There are elements of hazing and harassment so please be aware of this will cause you distress, however at the core of this story is the strength and resiliency of female friendship and power. 

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