Saturday, October 2, 2010

by Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld
Grades 7 and up
YA Fiction

Extras picks up three years after Tally and company ended the “mind rain.” Free to make decisions, it’s easy to see with freedom come consequences and responsibilities for everyone. The cities are rapidly expanding—even scrapping metal from the “Rusties” old civilizations. The city government officials had to figure out a way for the work to still be done around the cities, prompting a merit based system of earning valuables or surgeries. Things are not as “easy” as they used to be or so it seems.

Fame is what is most important in Aya’s world. Everyone has been giving a “feed” and a face rank--the higher the number; the more people are accessing your feed and discussing you.  While going undercover with a group know as the Sly Girls, she is set to blow their cover of their secret group. However, while mag-lev surfing she has stumbled across an even bigger story. With the help of her brother Hiro and friend Ren, she puts together a story that seems to point at one thing—the end of the world. Does she have it correct or are things not what them seem again in their world?

Those familiar with the previous three books would probably agree this is more of a companion novel. Tally, Shay, David and Fautso all make an appearance staring about half way through the novel. After reading it I could see parallels in the current characters relating back to previous characters. I would not hesitate to assume this book was not originally planned but an answer to demand for another book. While it is decent, I would not say it is really up to the caliber as the other three are at in my humble opinion.

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