Saturday, October 2, 2010

by Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry
Grades 5-7

This is a story centered on dream givers--one dream giver in particular--Littlest One. Littlest One is the newest dream giver working with on mentor, Fastidious than with Thin Elderly. While working with these two mentors she learns how to pick up fragments of memories humans leave in objects. Thin Elderly also teaches her how to bestow dreams from the fragments she has collected. As Littlest One gains in her abilities a special boy named John comes to live in the house she is assigned. John has faced many hardships in his short life already. Can Littlest One work her magic through dreams to help begin to heal John? Is she strong enough to help him survive a full scale attack against John by the Sinisteeds--the nightmare givers?
When I first started reading this book I had trouble staying focused on it. It is a mild paced book at the beginning with pockets of intrigue and action dispersed throughout. The ending wants you to believe everything is going to be okay for John in the long run. Lois Lowry also touches upon abuse both physical and emotional abuse that can strike families. She brings it up in a non-threatening but realistic way which could help lead to discussions about it. I also like the subtle play of good versus evil in the book. Overall, I have to say I like the book. I wasn't too sure at first but as I kept going it started to grow on me.

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