Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last Shot
by John Feinstein

Last Shot
John Feinstein
Grades 6 and up

Set during the Final Four part of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, Feinstein weaves a tale of mystery and suspense surrounding one of the nation’s top college basketball stars. Eight grade aspiring journalist Steven Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson find themselves with a dream assignment—covering the Final Four games after winning a national contest. While searching for a story to write for their hometown papers, they accidentally overhear a blackmail threat involving Minnesota State’s star player. This sets them on an adventure to save the player and the final game of the tournament.

This is a sport story but it would appeal to even those who are less than enthusiastic about sports (or just basketball if they are like me). I found I could get into the story despite having it surrounding the NCAA basketball tournament. Those who follow college basketball and/or sports will find references to “real” people throughout the story. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a mystery. Female readers will also find parts to relate to involving relationships and Susan Carol is an interesting character. There is some violence (a gun pulled out, being tied up and being hit) so anyone skiddish about such things might not like the ending though it is fairly mild.

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