Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Secrets of Priest’s Grotto
by Peter Lane Taylor
with Christos Nicola

The Secrets of Priest’s Grotto
Peter Lane Taylor with Christos Nicola
Grades 5 and up

A Holocaust survival story set in Ukraine; The Secret of Priest’s Grotto tells the story of one group prevails against the Nazi regime during World War II. Ester Stremer, the matriarch of the family, decide as a family they need to go into hiding in a local cave. Discovered once, some taken captive with a few escaping back to their group, they make a risky decision to try to go into hiding into an underground labyrinth referred to as Priest’s Grotto.

Blending first hand accounts from survivors of Priest’s Grotto with the expedition team who went to Ukraine to go down into Priest’s Grotto to see how the 38 occupants lived, sleep and ate, the story unfolds so the reader can read first hand accounts of actual survivors and also see pictures of what it truly looks like down in Priest’s Grotto.

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