Thursday, January 3, 2013

Book Bingo Reading Challenge

I used to LOVE playing bingo. In college, during the freshman orientation program’s Union Night, I had a blast running the bingo night. So I’m stepping back into time to have fun playing bingo once again. There are some intriguing challenges on this board including re-reading, 2013 publications, books that you feel everyone else has read but you and books apart of series.  

Hosted By: Kristilyn, Reading in Winter and Anne from Creativity's Corner
Challenge: To get a Bingo or go all the way and fill up the card! 
Goal: I am shooting to fill up the card and be a “Super Reader” 

My Progress:

Not certain how I am going to post the progress of this challenge so stay tuned. It is going to take A LOT of fore thought and planning since the books cannot be used on more than one square. :-) Take a look at the bingo card I will be working on this year:

Wish me luck and Happy Reading!


  1. I wish you LOTS of luck! I love that you're really thinking about what to read for each square -- I know what "win" I want to get to first, so I'm trying to map my reads around that. It's tricky, but fun. :)

  2. Thanks Kristilyn! I figure I will have to write them all down and keep track row by row. :)

  3. Some of us are planners, some of us are pants-ers, and I'm definitely one of the latter lol. I can totally see myself getting lots of squares but no wins, and then a bunch of wins all at once, completely by accident :P

    Anyway, thanks for joining us, and good luck! :D


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