Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Reading Upate

I have decided at the end of each month, I would do a general update in addition to the challenge update posts. So without further ado:

Books Completed this Month: 24

  • Picture Books: 5 
  • Chapter Books: 1 
  • YA: 4 
  • New Adult: 1 
  • Adult Romance: 13 
Overall, not a very diverse reading month for me but this month with being knocked out with the flu for a couple weeks, I just am happy to have been reading and enjoying. I reread the Bastion Club series by Stephanie Laurens for the Bingo Challenge I am participating this year. I love that time period in historical romances, so I enjoyed going back and rereading them.

Of the measly four YA titles I have read this month, they breakdown to be two dystopia (Legend and Prodigy), one paranormal (Sweet Evil) and one contemporary (A Long Way from You). I hope that I will pick up that number during the upcoming months along with reading more middle grade fiction as well.

Pages Completed this Month: 7,862

Wow!! I’m pretty pleased with the amount of pages I read this last month. If I kept up this pace, I would read 94,000+ pages this year. As a side note, I am using the page counts from Goodreads as my basis for counting the pages I read this year.

Reviews Completed this Month: 4

Exciting Update (for me at least): 

We closed on our new house this month! We have been working on picking out paint colors and such so I apologize for the lack of posts (and reviews) for the next several weeks. A lot of our free time has been spent over there working.

Along with this general update, I will be updating all of my reading challenges over the next few days. Bare with me as I do…there are quite a few of them to update!

Here are my individual challenge updates:

Reading Bingo Challenge Update
A-Z Reading Challenge Update

Happy Reading! 

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