Monday, March 4, 2013

February Reading Update

Wow, what a month this has been. It has been so stressful and hectic, I have had to neglect my blog. Well, I accomplished some things this month but I am complete DENIAL that it is March. Here are some updates for the month of February:

Books Completed this Month: 19
My Total Books Completed this Year: 43

This month's breakdown:  
  • Picture Books: 0
  • Chapter Books: 0
  • YA:8
  • New Adult: 0
  • Adult Romance: 11
So February is the month of love right? So that's why I read so many adult romances...yeah....I'll keep telling myself that. LOL Actually, I have been reading what's available on my Nook because it is has been such a stressful month for me personally at home and work. So, the way I tend to relax at night is to unwind with a lighthearted read, sometimes a glass of wine, and more times than not a TV show of some sort on in the background (but don't quiz me on what the show was about--I would fail miserably).

The YA titles breakdown to be: 6 contemporary (2 vintage ones from my past), 1 historical and 1 psychological thriller. 

Easily my young adult favorite book I read this month would be Mind Games by Kiersten White and my favorite adult title would be One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean.

Total Pages Read this Month: 5637
Total Pages Read this Year: 13,499

 Overall, I am pretty pleased with my progress this year. I have read a total

Reviews Completed this Month: 4
At the moment, I am working on three reviews I have finished in the last few weeks: Waking Up Married by  Miranda Kenneally's Things I Can't Forget and The Bridgertons Happily Ever After by Julia Quinn.

Reading Challenge Updates:

I honestly need to figure out where I am at currently at with them. I have not been keeping up on them this last month with how crazy things have been. Once I do, I will link them here for anyone who wishes to see where I am at on them.

General Updates:

Life is crazy with my family preparing to move and at work so I apologize for the lack of posts this month as well as in March most likely. Good news is we have a move in date for the first weekend in April. I am so ready to be done with splitting time between two houses.

Happy Reading!!

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