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Goddess by Josephine Angelini

By Josephine Angelini 
ISBN: 9780062012036 
Publication Date: May 28, 2013 
Reviewed from: a borrowed copy from my library 


Story Breakdown:

Helen, Lucas and Orion have unleashed the gods—literally! When they became blood brothers at the end of book two, Dreamless, all the Scion Houses existed in one therefore they released the gods from the curse. The world as they knew it is no longer the same. The gods have come back with a vengeance, not caring if they hurt Scions or humans alike.

Conflicted and torn between her love for Lucas, despite knowing it is wrong, and her attraction to Orion, Helen struggles with making a decision that feels right both in her heart and her head. While the war on the surface is building, Helen is transported back in to the times when her namesake--Helen of Troy--and Guinevere, another descendant, are struggling with their own decision between her two loves. These flashbacks let Helen see how choices, whether we like them or not, have powerful consequences.

Throughout Goddess, Helen and the others have difficult situations they need to arise above, or risk losing it all. Having learned that she is more than just a Descender but actually a Worldbuilder, the same as Zeus and Hades for instance, Helen learns she has a gift to create one world during her lifetime. In creating that world, Helen controls the land and all the experiences inside of it. Also, the group—Helen, Hector, Orion, Lucas and Cassandra join forces, uniting the Houses to fight together (something their elders have never managed to do successfully in the past). Helen must make a decision—in order to challenge the gods, she herself has to become immortal. Does she have the strength and determination to know she will exist forever?

My Thoughts: 

How I am sad to see this series end! I think that this was an intriguing and fitting way to end the series. With Helen, you cannot deny the amount of growth that she travels over the course of this series. When we first meet her, she has not learned she is a Scion, moving onto beginning to realize the strength she posses, to defeating Ares and lastly, standing up to Zeus and the remaining Olympians, Helen is an outstanding female protagonist.

Again, the interplay of the mythology and modern times is so enjoyable and well done, I feel that I lived and breathed these myths with Helen. The settings whether it is ancient Troy, Arthurian times, present day Nantucket to the Underworld and Everyland, I could see these settings in my head as if I could hop into my car or plane and be there tomorrow. 

The themes of love, family, friendships and betrayal are ones that most readers can relate to and told through the eyes of these characters, these books are ones I plan to keep around for a long time coming.

Reader’s Advisory Notes: 

  • Genre Fans: Young Adult; Mythology; Fantasy 
  • Read-a-likes: Anna Banks; Kiersten White; Meg Cabot; Aimee Carter; Rick Riordan 
  • Themes: overcoming challenges; standing up for yourself and others; compassion; guilt; friendships; family dynamics; betrayal 
  • Content Concerns: with the major battles, this is more violent than the other two books 

My Last Impression: 

My hope is Ms. Angelini decides to continue on writing with these characters. There are several loose threads that could be picked up if elected, and I truly hope she does!

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