Thursday, July 11, 2013

Love Him or Leave Him by Sara Daniel

Love Him or Leave Him
By Sara Daniel
ISBN: 9781622661930
Publication Date: July 9, 2013
Reviewed from: copy provided by Entangled--Thank you! 

Story Breakdown:

Ms. Daniel has written a lovely story of a torn apart couple set in the midst of small town America. Connor could not help but believe the worse of Becca when he was told she slept with his best friend while they were dating in high school. He leaves Kortville, joining the army then becoming a police officer in Chicago. When the old sheriff retires, Connor returns home to Kortville to hopefully put aside what he he lived through while in Afghanistan and Chicago. 

Becca has two missions in life: 1) see her brother Toby through his high school graduation and into college and 2) to finally be able to indulge her wanderlust. When Connor advises Toby to stay in their small town, it drives Becca to finally confront him after avoiding Connor since the two years of returning to town. Once they finally see each other face-to-face, circumstances and their attraction keep drawing them together.

The past has a habit of sneaking up on you when you are least expecting it and for Becca and Connor, they need to find a way not to let the past repeat itself. The town itself through the miss happenings and a delightful cocoa contest, along with the secondary characters are interesting means to get the couple together in the end and provide enough tension to keep the story moving. 

My Thoughts:

I settled into this book after a long day of work and I have to say it hooked and held my attention despite being tired. The romance between Connor and Becca is sweet and the amount of growth they go through is well-paced in this quick read.

Reader's Advisory Notes:
  • Genre fans: contemporary fiction, lighthearted romance
  • Themes: PTSD, reunited relationships, small towns
  • Content concerns: the love scenes are not described lending this to those who prefer their romance with out saucy love scenes
  • Other thoughts: this would be a great read when you need an afternoon pick me up

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