Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Intimidating Books

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This week we are discussing books that intimidate us. This could be for whatever reason, as long as they intimidate you in some way shape or fashion.

This is a rather difficult one...I ended up coming up with specific titles as well as general themes.

1) Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy--the length, the amount of characters...

2) I struggle with reading anything that has animal abuse or seriously get hurt in it--I have read Call of the Wild, Old Yeller and White Fang but I would not elect to read them again.

3) Les Miserables by Victor Hugo--not sure if I have specific reason for this one, or if it is one of those titles I feel like I should read but have not as of yet

4) As crazy as it seems, true crime books I find intimidating--perhaps because I know that it is REAL, I am reluctant to picking one up and trying

5) Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld--I really enjoyed the Uglies series and I am nervous I won't like this because it is more steampunk

6) Eragon by Christopher Paolini--I am not a big dragon person and I know people rave about it...but I am not sure if I will like it or not.

7) Crank by Ellen Hopkins--I know this has a powerful message within it but I have not read it as of yet...considering it...but not yet

8) 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James--not so much intimidated but just one of those series I have no interested really in reading BUT I know so many people have. Have I ever mention I hate reading books just because they are popular?

9) Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe--again, just one of those books I have always been leery of reading

10) Anything by Kurt Vonnegut--his books just intimidate me

Whew, I came up with ten if you count my general topics. This was a tough question for me...I am game usually to pick up anything to at least try it but the things listed above I have not as of yet. One of these days I probably will--after all, they probably would make me grow as a reader. Which to me, is a good thing!

So, what above have you read? Is there anything up on there that I should consider before the others? Anything you have not read as well?

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  1. I only read Twilight because of all the hype, not because I really wanted to read it. :) I'm not necessarily sorry I did, but they definitely weren't my favorite books of all time. Fifty seems to be a series that people either love or hate.

    TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

    1. I need to read the rest of Twilight yet...not been high up on my list. Not sure if I will ever read 50 Shades--just not one of those series I really want to read.

  2. I don't think it's crazy to get intimidated by crime books- now that you've mentioned it, I would really shy away from them too! I'm such a fraidy cat but there you go. Haha! I love Scott Westerfeld, and I loved Leviathan! I'm not into steampunk either, but that was a great series :) And as for 50 Shades, I am in no position and have no interest to read that. I don't get the hype! But again, there it is. Great post! :D

    1. I don't either, which is why I guess I am reluctant to try 50 Shades I will have to try Leviathan. :) Happy Reading!

  3. 50 Shades intimidates me too. I don't think I can live up to the hype! And I hate animal abuse with a passion. I can't even stand to think about it or watch it on the news....
    My TTT

    1. I don't either--that's why I added it to the list. I have not desire to read nor see the movie for it once it comes out. Happy Reading!

  4. Oh gosh I HATE reading books that are popular too! Not really because I worry about not liking them, but because I feel like people are just reading because everyone else is. Haven't really thought about 50 Shades as intimidating, but yeah.... I think I would feel very squeamish reading it!

    1. not intimidating in the sense I am scared to read it...more of it is so not something I would want to read...but I get asked all the time if I have read it. I am frankly getting annoyed being asked...so in that sense it is intimidating (or rather the people asking are I guess). Intimidating is so not the right word but this week was a struggle to come up with a list. ;-)


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