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The Look of Love by Bella Andre

The Look of Love
By Bella Andre
ISBN: 9780778315568
Publication Date: January 1, 2011 (e-book)
Reviewed from: my own personal copy

Story Breakdown:

Chase has found his passion in photography and has made it his career—shooting everything from fashion spreads to desert landscapes but what he treasures more than anything is his the shots of his family. Chloe has left the controlling and abusive relationship only to have been pinned by her ex-husband. When Chase comes to Chloe’s rescue, she is more than weary at the idea of being “saved” by a man.

At his brother’s winery, Chloe and Chase begin to get to know each other—body, mind and spirit. As Chase begins to open up Chloe’s barriers, he knows he has found his match in life. He has to strike the balance of being there to help Chloe heal and trust without pushing too hard. When life seems to be settling into a peaceful transition, someone from Chloe’s reappears.

My Thoughts:

I am drawn to books with well developed characters so when I picked up Ms. Andre’s book, I hoped I would find what I look for in a great contemporary romance. I am happy to say I did. Chase is a fantastic protagonist—strong, smart and family-oriented. Chloe is resilient, family-oriented and is creative. Together, they make a great couple.

The story, though it only takes place over a week, moves at a steady pace. I neither felt impatient for the next part nor felt it was rushed. The end was a tad predictable, but it was not so much so that I felt cheated out of the reading experience.

Another reason I decided to give this book a try is because I love series that center on families. Having the opportunity to read about families, their ups and downs and watching how they continue to grow individually as well as together is such a treat. The Sullivans seem like a close family so it will be intriguing to continue watching how they relationship between the siblings play out over the course of the series.

Reader’s Advisory Notes:

  • Genre Fans: contemporary romance
  • Series Fans: this is the first book in a series first published as eBooks. At this point, the tenth book is planned to be released on September 24, 2013. 
  • Read-alike-Authors: Jill Shalvis; Susan Mallery; vintage Nora Roberts (MacGregors, Chesapeake Bay and Stanlaskis for instance)
  • Themes: abuse; trusting others again; finding yourself 
  • Content concerns: steamy love scenes; discussion of physical and emotional abuse

My Last Impression:

A delightful read to take you away for the afternoon, this is a perfect book to pick up if you need a pick me up or something that will leave you with warm happy feelings.

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