Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Feature: Series Reviews

New Feature here at Love. Life. Read: Series Reviews

This has come as a by-product of needing a bit of balance within my life. I love reading series and will run through them quickly if they are fully published (or mostly) but I find that I read them rather fast. I do not necessarily read and take notes about each book, finding the time to go back and review each title has become a bit cumbersome. Thus, my stack of books to be reviewed has gotten large. With this in mind, I decided I am going to start a new feature here: Series Reviews.

In my head, my primary criteria for these posts will be that the series needs to be fully published. That seems like a no-brainer but for the series still being published, than a decision will have to be made. I could:
  • decide to review each book individually
  • pick and choose to review the ones I want
  • hold off and do a series review if the last book is coming out soon
  • decide not to review any of them

The structure of the series reviews will be similar to the individual book reviews I do now. This means they will include: my thoughts, reader’s advisory notes and my last impression. Where series reviews will differ from my individual reviews is instead of doing a story breakdown, I will do a series breakdown. I won’t go into each book deeply but more of a general overview of the series progression over the course of the books. Within this, I hope to also hit upon strengths and weaknesses of the series as well as how it flows from one book to another. 

So hopefully you will enjoy this type of review. I think it will serve as a great way for me to think of the series altogether and also allow me to record my thoughts for the titles without having to feel guilty for not doing an individual review for all the titles. 

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