Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 Rewind Challenge

It happens to all us book addicts, I mean fans--we are constantly on the lookout for great reads. I am personally surrounded by books on a daily basis--call it an occupational hazard if you want but, it is heaven on earth personally that I get to connect readers with books as a librarian on a daily basis. BUT truth be told, it wrecks havoc on my TBR list. LOL 

This challenge is perfect way for me to have the incentive to make sure I stay on track with reading those books that have been lingering on my TBR list. Those books that have been languishing there...that keep getting passed over because another book keeps pushing them farther and father to the wayside. Well no more. I am going to make the effort to get them read this year. (Did you hear the dramatic swell of music--I did in my head at least). :-D 

Since this particular challenge is based on writing reviews, not a set book goal to, I will create a review index here as a means for tracking. I am debating on creating a Goodreads shelf as well (like Jessi from Novel Heartbeat is doing). 

My initial goal is to do 24 books, which would equate out to only doing 2 books per month, totally manageable in my mind right now!

Review Index:

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