Monday, December 2, 2013

Dreamy December Days Read-a-Thon Updates 1 & 2

Dreamy December Day One Participation Post #1: Goals and Expectations

This is a busy week at work but I am hoping I can use this read-a-thon as enticement to keep up on my reading for enjoyment during this busy time of year as well. I have many books piled high on bookshelves staring longingly waiting to be picked up to be read. With this in mind, here is what my tentative goals and expectations are:

  • Read 2 to 3 books this week
  • Write notes about the books I do read (for those I intend on reviewing)
  • Write 2 to 3 reviews on books I have waiting to be finished up

Dreamy December Day One Challenge Post: Bookish Wishes

My birthday is right before Christmas as well (December 22nd), so I always request a gift card from the bookstore for it. I usually load it up onto eBook accounts so I can download books without them charging my credit card or bank account over the year. 

With being a librarian, I try really hard not to buy books but if you ask my husband, I know I still buy way too many books. LOL :-D Some I know I will be purchasing:


Miranda Kenneally has a new title coming out in spring, Breathe, Anna, Breathe but the cover has not been revealed but I know I will be buying it once it comes out. Also, Robin LaFevers' Mortal Heart her third in the His Fair Assassins series will be releasing in 2014 at some point, I will purchase it. :-) Those are just the YA titles I know I want--does not count the adult titles! LOL

Dreamy December Day Two Participation Post #2: Progress Update

I did not get to participate in the Twitter Chat today--too much happening. :( I checked out the great author interview with David Lomax. I did get a little bit read today and finished a book. 

1) Shut Out by Kody Keplinger 

Since it is a re-read for me though, I am not sure I am going to count it though. I picked it up randomly because I needed to decompress after a stressful day and this book always makes me smile so there you have it. :)

I hope I will get to do more tomorrow but we shall see. I hope the read-a-thon is going well for the rest of you.

Dreamy December Day Challenge Post 2: Dreamy Destinations

This is about where we would want to travel if we could for the holidays. I think it would be really cool to spent the holidays snowed in a cabin somewhere such as Jackson Hole, Wyoming (USA) or Telluride, Colorado (USA). 

Then other times I think it would be amazing to wake up and look out at palm trees and see beautiful crystal blue skies and topaz colored oceans. 

But, ultimately I imagine we will end up spending Christmas at some point at Walt Disney World. 

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  1. I think that book definitely counts! I love re-reading books too. :D

  2. Don't you hate how work gets in the way of everything?! It used to be that school got in the way and now its work! URGH!!! Does no one understand that we are bookies and we need to read?!

    I've never read Shut Out before, I'm assuming you like it since you are re-reading it! As Francine said to me, just make sure you are having fun while participating in the Read-a-thon!


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