Friday, January 3, 2014

Award Winners Challenge

For an added challenge this year, I am going to be seeking on adding award winning books into my reading lists this year. There is a wealth of knowledge spread out across this country and using these award winning lists as one of the ways to tap into base is a value resource. Sure, most of the times we have probably heard of the titles but I have to confess, I do not always make the time to read the titles. Well, this is the year that I that I am going to make the effort to do it. 

This year I am challenging myself to take on the award winning lists, both the winners and the honors, for the following lists:

Cybils Short List Titles

From ALSC:
  • John Newbery Award, winner and honor(s) titles
  • Randolph Caldecott Award, winner and honor(s) titles
  • Mildred L. Batchelder Award, winner and honor(s) titles
  • Pura Belpra Award, winner and honor(s) titles
  • Theodore Seuss Giesel Award, winner and honor(s) titles
  • Robert F. Siebert Information Medal, winner and honor(s) titles

  • I will be participating in the Hub Challenge when it begins at the beginning of February but will continue on with the remainder of the titles I do not complete for it. 
  • I will be adding the Teens Top Ten List as well 

This page is serving as a tracking/commitment page for me. I will link to the individual award pages once ALA announces the awards at Midwinter at the end of this month and the Hub Challenge kicks off at the start of February.  

I will continue to update this page how many of each award I have read as I have done with the Cybils awards. If you are interested on my progress, keep checking back. :-)

Anyone care to join me? Be sure to let me know in the comments so I can come cheer you on this year. 

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