Monday, January 6, 2014

The Dirt Diary by Anna Staniszewski Review

The Dirt Diary
By Anna Staniszweski
ISBN: 9781402286360
Publication Date: January 7, 2014
Genre: Tween, Contemporary, Realistic

Reviewed from: a copy provided by the publisher--Thank You Sourcebooks Fire!

Purchase Notes:

  • I have purchased a copy for my library

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GoodReads Synopsis:

After her parents' divorce, eighth-grader Rachel Lee joins her mother's new housecleaning business, which has her scrubbing bathrooms in her more popular classmates' homes and learning useful secrets.

My Thoughts:

Rachel has a plan--she borrows almost $300 from her college savings account and is on a mission. Her mission seems simple--she wants to get her parents back together. The money is being used to go to Florida where her father has moved. To earn the money back, she must win the baking contest while she also helps her mother in her new business cleaning houses. Little does she realize she will be helping clean the houses of her fellow classmates. During this time she keeps a diary--her dirt diary--of all her secret thoughts and feelings. 

Ms. Staniszweski has captured this age perfectly--the awkwardness, the feelings of not fitting and also the interaction between both peers and grownups. Rachel is reluctant for her mom to move on from her dad and I could feel and relate to her pain through her interactions with Mr. Hammond. Laugh out loud moments fill this delightful book and it will leave readers wanting to read more books by Ms. Staniszweski. Be sure to have on hand her My Unfairy Tale Life series too. 

Reader's Advisory Notes:

  • Genre: Tween; Contemporary; Realistic
  • Themes: divorce; first relationships; family relationships; SES
  • Content Concerns: none

Blogger's Note:

If you do enjoy this title, make sure you check out the sequel: The Prank Listdue out on July 1, 2014!

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My Last Impression:

A yummy read with surprising moments, this humorous tale is sure to be a hit.


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