Sunday, March 8, 2020

Review: Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

Behind Closed Doors
By B.A. Paris
Read From: personal copy

What do you do when what seems like the perfect marriage turns out to be anything but perfect? Grace meets the perfect man, the prince charming she has wanted her adult life, knowing that with her comes the responsibility of her different able sister. Only Jack is hiding a deadly secret and is far from perfect and skillfully adept at hiding his true nature. Grace marries Jack and her life quickly crumbles leaving her with no choice but to want to get out--alive.

As I am still newer to the thriller genre, having the two timelines interwoven jarred me a bit for the first several changes, but I quickly got into the story. I almost feel if I were to reread this title someday, I almost want to read the two timelines together--reading all the past chapters first, then the present chapters, though I did appreciate the way the story unfolded.

Trigger warning for abuse--physical, emotional, and mental abuse. Stories of abuse are not one I can easily read usually, preferring to DNF them instead of finishing them out. I stuck this one as I became increasingly invested in our main character, Grace. Jack is spine chillingly scary--the sort of person that exists in plain sight, which makes it seem all too real when reading it. Knowing this, please heed the trigger warning if this something that might hurt you further.

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