Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Answering the "How Do You..." Tag

Question 1: Do you read more than one book at a time? What are you currently reading?

Lately, I have been yes. I usually have the following books happening:
  • Fiction book: whether it is physical of eBook, I will only do one fiction
  • Nonfiction: this could be for work or my own enrichment
  • Audiobook: I do not switch back and forth between the book and audiobook--it stays on audio (unless I do not like the audio then I will switch to the physical/eBook)
When I was going into work physically, if I am a reading a physical book, I would also add an eBook so I could use my Kindle at work. I find it is easier to read on it if I had time to eat lunch (which does not happen every day believe it or not).

Lately, since the pandemic has started, I have been filtering a graphic novel in the middle of reading prose novels or even nonfiction books. I find it is helpful as I feel more productive finishing a book and since graphic novels are faster reads, this has been helping. 

Question 2: How do you organize your library? Do you ever get the urge to reorganize your shelves?

I just reorganized my bookshelves. For my wall of bookcases, they are done in genres. Beforehand they were done alphabetically by author's last name. 

These are two quick snapshots of my shelves. They are a bit messy because I am outgrowing my shelves and I need to do another purge of books. I have bits of memories tucked into my shelves. At the very top is my award committee autographed collection from my term as the 2019 Odyssey Award Committee Chair and also in 2016 as a Committee Member. Up there are also my autographed books from Congressman John Lewis and our other honorees (Julie Berry, Louise O'Neill, Nicola Yoon, and Neal Shusterman) from when I served on the 2017 Printz Award Committee. I know I am very blessed and privileged to have had these opportunities. 

I also have two others shelves: one bookcase on the right side is filled with books from the my school library and also my public library as well as some of my professional books I reference. The left bookcase is filled with books I have pulled out this year based on my master 2020 TBR Suggestions spreadsheet I made based on the reading challenge prompts I am working my way through this year. It is loosely grouped by genre and I will add books to it based on readathons that pop up during the year.

Lastly, I store some books on my TBR cart. Usually I pull out a set of books from my Library bookcase and my TBR bookcase based on the reading challenges or readathons I am working to complete in the given month. I always have more books then I can possibly read in one month, but it is the place I try to go to first when selecting books to read. Whatever is not finished by the end of the month either goes back onto their original bookcase or they stick around on the TBR cart to try again the next month. 

Question 3: Favorite small publishers?

I track what Sourcebooks puts out because I generally find I enjoy their books and my students in particular seem to relate to the young adult books they publish. Most of any of their books turn out to be popular in my library. 

Question 4: Can you recall every book in your library or have some just shown up?

Oh there are definitely some books on there I am not sure quite how I acquired them--whether sent from the publisher, book subscription box, picked up at a used bookstore or library sale, some are definitely mysteries. If I have receive them in the last year or so, I usually have a good enough memory as to when I received them and from where. 

This year I have started tracking my book purchases (audiobook, digital, and print) so I can be more vigilante about reading books I actively seek out myself. One of my goals has been to read the books I already owned and if one side note of the pandemic, I have had to do that more as I did not have readily access to physical books in my own school library or my public library. I relied on digital copies provided through the various digital services I have access through my libraries. 

Question 5: Do you collect bookmarks?

Incidentally, I guess would be the best way I would be able to answer this. I have many bookmarks--several I have actively picked out but many are from conferences/publishers/authors then some are gifts. I have a set of Harry Potter themed bookmarks my family got me while they were off having fun in Washington D.C. last summer while I was moderating a conference session at ALA Annual last year. Those are special ones that I love using because of the quote and because my family picked them out for me while we were apart.

So there are my answers to the "How Do You" tag. If you are inclined, please answer them and let me know if you do. I would love to come read or watch you answer the questions. Not a blogger/vlogger--feel free to answer the tag in the comments below. I would love to know your answers!

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