Monday, January 7, 2013

In a Blink
By Kiki Thorpe

In a Blink 
By Kiki Thorpe
ISBN: 9780736427944

Reviewed from ARC from NetGalley 

Reading Ages: Chapter Book, 6 to 10 years of age

Overall rating: 4 stars 

Story Synopsis: 
Friends Kate, Lainy and Mia are playing outside in Mia’s yard when Gabby, Mia’s little sister, meets Prilla, a fairy from Pixie Hollow. Prilla is a rare talent fairy in that she is a blink fairy. She transports to the mainland to visit children when she blinks as it is her job to keep children believing in Fairies, which keeps them alive. Mia cannot believe her luck—she always knew fairies existed but imagine her surprise when she gets to talk with Prilla! 

In a blink everything changes. The four girls are transported to Pixie Hollow with Prilla. The girls are welcomed by Queen Clarion who instructs Tinker Bell and Prilla to watch over their short stay in Pixie Hollow. They should be able to return to mainland the next day when the conditions are favorable. During their short stay in Pixie Hollow, the girls get to see where the fairies live and work in Pixie Hollow and meet Terence when they go to get pixie dust so they can learn to fly.

Kate wants to learn to fly better so she can return to Pixie Hollow whenever she wants. After meeting Vidia, a fast flying fairy, promises to help Kate learn how to become a better flier if Kate meets her after the others have gone to bed. Tension mounts as Kate gets lost in Pixie Hollow after Vidia vanishes with the pixie dust Kate brought. What will Kate do and will the others find her in time for them to go home?

My Thoughts:
This is a cute new series involving the ever popular Disney Fairies. It is a great stepping stone up into longer books, perfect for those readers who need more of a challenge than Beginner Readers offer but are not quite ready for full fledged fiction novels. Within the story is a message about being truthful and the cliff at the end will keep the readers wanting to continue moving through the series. The artwork in the ARC I read were not final, but if the final art ends up being anything like what is present in the ARC, then it will enhance the story while helping break up the text for younger readers.

There was slight confusion on my part as to why Vidia has been banned from the going to the dust mill, but I cannot imagine many of the younger readers will think anything of this. Overall, I think this is an excellent edition into the Disney book family and I will not hesitate to recommend this chapter book to my library users.


  1. Wow you've got a lot of books. At least you have variety like adult, ya, and cookbooks. Mine are all pretty much YA and some chicklit. My shelves are getting pretty full too. But I love buying books and being able to share them with my cousins and reread them whenever I want. Some girls buy too many shoes...we buy books haha. Great goals though! Good luck.

    1. LOL, good analogy! I have to admit I sometimes I like to look at shoes but I am MUCH more willing to buy books than shoes. :)

      Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading!


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