Monday, April 8, 2013

Let's Talk About It: The Nervous Side of Reading

Let's Talk About It is going to be a reoccurring series here on Love.Life.Read in which I discuss topics that have sparked an interest in me. I hope you all with join in with me with these discussions.

The Nervous Side of Reading

I posted this on Twitter:

It sparked a chord with so many others on Twitter than I realized it would. So why is it I get nervous when picking up a book that I have been highly anticipating? I think it has to do with hoping I did not build up the anticipation too much in my mind. I feel like a swarm of butterflies has been let loose in my stomach. Sometimes I get giddy with excitement too. Does that make me a geek? ;-)

Why else would I get so nervous to read the latest title that has come out? I think for me I get so emotionally invested into series, that I am hoping that the characters that I have grown attached to make it through the next phase of the series or that they end up happy/safe/whatever is appropriate for that character/book. I am a sucker for happily ever afters but I know logically it is not always the case.

Sure there is the financial aspect of it too. If it is a title that I have purchased, than of course I want to get my investment back in the love of the title. I have to admit, there are very few books I have purchased that I did not end up liking. If it does happen, than I donate it to my library or pass it along to someone who the title is a better fit than I. 

Lastly, some of it could be the hype that the title generates in the blogging world and by the publishers doing their job--driving up the interest in the titles they represent. I hoped I have interpreted the summaries and reviews with my reading preferences in mind correctly. Hey, very few would probably say they LIKE to be disappointed, right?

On the Flip Side

Not being an author myself, if I am as nervous as what I can get as a reader, I can only imagine how an author must feel. I mean, they put themselves into these titles and hope they are well received. 

I am a firm believer that just because a title does not work for me, does not mean there is not a reader out there would appreciate the book more than I. I always say there is a book for every reader and a reader for every book when I am helping struggling or reluctant readers of all ages. And yes, for all of those readers out there that studied Ranganathan's Five Laws of Library Science, that is an abbreviated version of it.

What About You?

So can you relate? Do you get nervous to pick up those highly anticipated titles you are just itching to read? Why do you think you get nervous? Or do you not get nervous at all?

There are some big ones coming out this month for me, so I am sure to be on pins and needles this month. At least from my Twitter conversation with others, I know I am not alone. 

Happy Reading!  

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