Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Lovin' Day 6 Update

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So today we are highlighting those bad boys we love to love...despite knowing that they may not be the best for us. :-)

The first one that immediately comes to mind is Kaiden from Sweet Evil and Sweet Peril. He's quickly becoming a reformed bad boy though (at least it seems like it to me).

Another one that comes to mind is Dante from The Collector. Again, he is a bad boy in the process of being good. 
Other bad boys...hmm...I cannot think of any others. I am seriously tired and out of it today after spending time in the hot sun landscaping for my in-laws. 


Progress on My Goals:

Number of Books I Read Day 1: 1 and partial of a second
Total Number of Books I Read This Week: 1 1/4 books

Number of Books I Read Day 2: finished Just One Kiss
Total Number of Books I Have Read This Week: 2

I also visited many blogs today before and after work.

Number of Books I Read Day 3: 1.5
Total Number of Books I Have Read This Week: 3 and working on my 4th
  • Riptide by Lindsey Scheibe
  • Two of a Kind by Susan Mallery

Number of Books I Read Day 4: still the same as yesterday--3 working on my 4th
Total Number of Books I Have Read This Week: 3

Number of books I Read Day 5: finished up Two of a Kind
Total Number of Books I Have Read This Week: 4

I have slowed down quite a lot the last two days as so many things are demanding dare they! LOL Seriously though, that's what I love about no pressure read-a-thons like Summer Lovin'--no amount of books are required so I know that I am reading when I have the time and energy, so all is good. :)

With today's Greased Lightnin' read-a-thon, I am seriously hoping I can get several books finished up today including those that I started the week intending on reading--Sweet Peril, Dark Trimuph and Heidi Kling's titles. :)


How is everyone doing? Are you enjoying Summer Lovin? What has been your favorite part?

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  1. I haven't read either of the books that feature your bad boys but the cover model for The Collector looks GOOD. Thanks for stopping by mine :)

    1. They are great if you like bad boys. :) Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading!

  2. I love bad boys who stay bad - much more fun that way hehe


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