Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Lovin' Final Day!! Participation Post

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I am so sad Summer Lovin' is coming to a close today!! We have had such a BLAST this week hosting this read-a-thon. I truly hope that you had a great time participating and for those of who didn't, were patient with my feed blowing up this week. 

I had a great week reading--though not the books I originally intended on reading this week! I did visit a lot of you and I was thrilled to see so many of you visit here on Love.Life.Read as well.

I managed to read 6 books this read-a-thon. Here is my daily breakdown:

Progress on My Goals:

Number of Books I Read Day 1: 1 and partial of a second
Total Number of Books I Read This Week: 1 1/4 books

Number of Books I Read Day 2: finished Just One Kiss
Total Number of Books I Have Read This Week: 2

I also visited many blogs today before and after work.

Number of Books I Read Day 3: 1.5
Total Number of Books I Have Read This Week: 3 and working on my 4th
  • Riptide by Lindsey Scheibe
  • Two of a Kind by Susan Mallery

Number of Books I Read Day 4: still the same as yesterday--3 working on my 4th
Total Number of Books I Have Read This Week: 3

Number of books I Read Day 5: finished up Two of a Kind
Total Number of Books I Have Read This Week: 4

Number of books I Read Day 6: 1
Total Number of Books I Have Read this Week: 5
  • Three of a Kind by Susan Mallery

Number of books I plan on reading today, the last day of Summer Lovin': 1 or 2
Total Number of Books I Have Read this Week: 6 or 7
  • Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins
  • Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

So while I did not read the books I fully intended on reading this week, I am happy with my progress. I also had a great time participating in the Summer Lovin' Greased Lightnin' Twitter Chat--did you participate? 

Because I am always looking at ways to improve myself and the things I do, please share your thoughts on Summer Lovin' in my comments below! All the feedback will be used to improve until the next Read-a-Thon Central's read-a-thon. Stay tuned for our announcement for it by following here on Love.Life.Read or Read-a-Thon Central's website
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  1. Congratulations on finishing 6 books! :And thank you for being an awesome host! The Read-a-thon was really fun! :D

    1. Ah well, I did not quite make it to 6 after all but I did start my sixth book. :)

      I am so happy you had a great time! Thank you for participating with us.

      Happy Reading!

  2. This has been the most fun I've ever had, and I'm so happy and grateful I got to participate with you. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for all your hard work, research, and patience.

    (oh and I'm totally jealous you finished so many books!)

    1. Awe thanks lady! :) It was a great to get to know you better over the course of planning and participating. I actually go through 5 and started my 6th--not too shabby. :)

      Happy Reading!

  3. Susan Mallery is one author I've always wanted to try, but I haven't yet. I need to with those pretty covers.

    Thanks so much for be a member of an amazing set of hosts! You all did a great job and things ran smoothly. :)

    1. She is a great contemporary fiction author if you want happy stories. :)
      Thanks--I am glad it went so well!!

      Happy Reading!

  4. Six books? That's pretty rad! I only got two, but had a great time hopping from blog to blog.

    Jenn @ Book Beats

    1. I did not quite get the 6th book finished but I at least started it. Too much to get caught up around the house Sunday to fully get it finished.

      Thanks for participating and Happy Reading!

  5. Very nice selection of books read. I know I enjoyed all of Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold ones and can't wait for more.


  6. Wow six books! Thats awesome. Just trying to get one done in a week is a struggle with work! Glad to see Susan was on your list of books this week to read!

  7. I love the Fool's Gold series. They can be read as stand alone books, but once you start you will want to read all of them. Looking forward to reading Three Little Word, coming out on July 30.

  8. I love Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold books. Two of a Kind is my favorite of the series!

  9. Always love returning to Fool's Gold. It is like returning home!! I love starting my summer reading a new Fool's Gold book!! Just One Kiss, Two of a Kind, & Three Little Words are all great books to read. Well, all of Susan Mallery's books are great books to read!!


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