Monday, February 10, 2014

Love for Books Read-a-Thon

I am in love with read-a-thons--what can I say?! :-D I do not have one really scheduled for this month so I am hopping on board to join Novel Heartbeat and Confessions of a Bookie Monster for their read-a-thon. Click the banner above to go their sign up page for more information.

My Goals:

  • 3 books finished (busy week at work unfortunately--filled with programs)
  • 3 reviews written and scheduled
  • Participate in the mini challenge
  • Read everyday

Monday's Updates:

What I'm Reading Today:
(Click on the Cover to go to GoodReads)

Books I've Read: part of 1
Books I've Finished: none yet
Time Spent Reading: about 2 hours
Blogs I've Visited: 3
Reviews and Posts Written: 2 1/2

Final Update before heading to bed:

We were traveling home today and had to run errands so unfortunately I did not get as much reading time as I had hoped. Tomorrow's a busy day at work with a Disney themed program for the younger aged crowd. 


Tuesday's Updates:

What I'm Reading Today:
(Click on the Cover to go to GoodReads)

Books I've Read:
Books I've Finished: 
Time Spent Reading: 
Blogs I've Visited: 
Reviews and Posts Written: 

Final Update before heading to bed:


  1. So glad I saw your post! I love readathons, but I haven't signed up to any until March (the same two on your sidebar!)

    1. Yay :) I am so glad to know you are doing both with me. It is fun when you can share the insanity with someone else. :-D

  2. This sounds like fun! I just signed up. :)

    1. Yay!! Another person joining the fun with me next week!! :) Looking forward to it next week.


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