Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why I Love Being a Reader and a Blogger

Reasons I LOVE Being a Reader and a Blogger

1) Reading is a way for me to escape reality because lets face it--sometimes reality sucks. I can escape to another world, be another person or take a vacation without leaving the comfort of my own couch on any given day.

2) Being an avid reader led me to spending a lot of time in a library as a young person and started working in libraries in high school.

3) Blogging allows me to connect with other readers, including internationally! That is such an amazing experience to be able to connect and chat with readers all over the world. 

4) Reading challenges me to consider viewpoints I may not otherwise do so.

5) On a similar note, I am able to explore topics, places and discover new interests by being introduced to them in books. 

6) Blogging has helped challenge me to read out of my comfort zone by reading all the great reviews, participating in challenges and blog tours. 

These are just a few of the reasons I can put into words at the moment. What about you--what is your favorite reason for being a reader and/or blogger? Be sure to tell me in the comments below and leave me your link if you participated this week. 


  1. Great list :-) I like using reading as escapism too.

  2. I never thought of reading challenging viewpoints! That's so true though! I love seeing different views on hyped books and even my favorites :D

  3. I'm with you on #5. I love reading things in books, then being like...Google! Lol, love learning more!

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