Monday, May 4, 2020

Monthly Wrap Up: What I Read for the Magical Readathon (OWLs edition) and more

I am fortunate to have a robust collection of books at home that I have collected and need to read. I also have had the opportunity to use some materials from my public Library prior to their shutting down, and my own Library's collection from school. Add to these three physical access points, I also have access to Overdrive through my public library and school--which have different collections. The books with their edges out are to represent either eBooks or Audiobooks, plus one that I had already returned to my school's Library. 

First up for April is I knew I wanted to participate in G's (Book Roast on YouTube)'s Magical Readathon. I participated in the NEWTs and the holiday edition last year, so this was my first time participating in the OWLs. Here is what I read for each prompt.

G's Magical Readathon is nothing short of amazing with all the time and effort she has put into creating the career guide. I have not decided which career I am going to go for yet but starting the process off with completing all of the OWLs prompts is going to be helpful. The NEWTs are in August and I cannot wait to see the prompts for them.

I also finished a few other titles this month: 

Other Monthly Reading Stats according to my 2020 Reading Tracker Spreadsheet:
  • I read 5,348 pages this month
  • 10 physical books with 6 from my owned TBR
  • 2 Audiobooks with 1 from my owned TBR, 1 from a review copy provided by the publisher
  • 4 eBooks with 1 owned and 3 from Overdrive
Along with my Spreadsheet, I also keep a Reading Bullet Journal. What about you--do you do anything to track your reading, or is that too much nerd for you? :) Let me know what your reading was like in April, what did you like, what did you dislike? And if you participated in the OWLs, be sure to let me know how it went for you. 


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