Sunday, May 3, 2020

Review: Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Tweet Cute
By Emma Lord
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pepper just wants to lead her swim team, finish at the top of her class, and continue creating desserts to post on her private blog she runs with her sister. Enter Twitter, and her mother's refusal to let a grilled cheese war die between their fast food chain and the mom and pop deli. Jack wants to continue onto college in App Development, as he has found he loves creating them. He developed a popular app students use at his school, Weazel. The App allows users to keep their anonymity, while making connections with peers and setting up study groups and soliciting volunteers. When he is not working on his diving or developing apps, he is working in his family's deli and is blown away when he sees the fast food chain rip off their grilled cheese. When you put two teens in charge of social media, hilariousness ensues, but will the Pepper and Jack be torn apart indefinitely? 

 Emma Lord has crafted a witty, fun contemporary romance novel taking the love of food combined with social media wars into a delightful young adult romance. The conversations, the responses, and actions all feel spot on appropriate for seniors in high school. I adore Pepper and Jack, and the side characters and the relationships between Pepper and her mother and Jack and his parents and grandmother add more to the underlying story in Tweet Cute

I highly recommend this to teens and those who appreciate a witty young adult contemporary romance. I recommend it to fans of Kasie West and Emma Mills for similar young adult authors and those who appreciate the contemporary rom-coms from Christina Lauren and Lyssa Kay Adams should enjoy this as well, as long as you remember it is a YA and not an adult rom-com. I look forward to booktalking and talking this up once we return to school in the fall, when I have the opportunity to have a couple of copies in my library's collection.

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