Monday, June 1, 2020

Monthly Wrap Up: May 2020 edition featuring Book Bingo and more

In May I read a total of 11 books--not too shabby! I will take it given the crazy slump I had to battle out on it. During this time, I play Book Bingo with an online book group as a fun way to challenge myself to pick my books. Here is what my bingo board ended up looking like at the end of the month:

Here are the books I read and which prompt they fit on my bingo board:

In addition to the those above, I also completed In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It by Lauren Graham.

Other Monthly Reading Stats according to my Reading Tracker Spreadsheet:
  • I read 3,499 pages (no way I could have actually planned that)
  • 5 Physical books with 1 purchased in 2020, 1 from my owned TBR and 3 from the Library
  • 5 Audiobooks with 1 from the Library, 2 as review copies from a publisher, and 2 from my owned TBR
  • 2 eBooks with 1 purchased in 2020 and 1 from Overdrive
Those of you adding up the totals will notice there is an extra book listed in my Other Reading Stats. While it is only counted on my Reading Tracker Spreadsheet, I listened to AND read Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.

Thoughts About Life in May:

As much as April dragged, May seems to have flown by so quickly. I said goodbye to some of my seniors on Wednesday at the senior drive around and Friday was the last day with students for this school year. My school year is not quite over yet, I have seven days of staff meetings and along with those, I have three material return days I need to be at to collect library items. Then those have to be checked in, reports ran and turned in before I can clock out for summer holiday. Of course, it is a misconception teachers are finished for the year when they walk out the door--I know I have a lot of work to do over the summer too, but I do take time to relax some too.

We were supposed to take off to go to Europe on a dream vacation in June too, but given the pandemic it has had to be cancelled. Once I clock out of staff meetings for the last day on June 8th, I am diving back into planning it again. It will keep the sadness at bay. We know we are blessed, but it does not make the cancellations and missed events less sad. 

Like so many others, I am sure I will have some extra time to read given we will not be able to go anywhere. With not traveling, I will have more time to read and plan to do something fun in July with my TBR--more on that to come--but first I need to officially say goodbye to May.

Let's Chat!

I would love to know about your reading month--what was your favorite book or how many books did you manage to finish up? Did you have a good or rough reading month? Have you had plans canceled too this summer? 


Thank you for taking the time to write a comment! I read them all and respond to them as soon as I can.